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In 1970 I began this piece as a study of polytonality; something for which Charles Ives got into a lot of trouble at Harvard. My effort was a combination of two motifs in contrary motion. In the treble clef B, A, G#, F# playing against A, B, C#, E. The Maj2 in AB and BA, P5 in C#G#and finally another Maj 2nd in EF# are like biting on an aspirin. I then turned to my favorite Rondo, Mozart's Rondo alla Turca; not for structure but for inspiration. It remains one of my favorite from my repertoire.


from Sampler 2009​-​10 Recent Music, released April 11, 2011
These works were composed on Finale music software by MakeMusic Inc. Since a score is also produced in manuscript form, the piece can be performed and recorded by live musicians. My interest is in sharing my work with listeners and musicians and have the work performed as it is intended; by live musicians.




Andy Fernandez, Composer Rochester, New York

I'm a Cuban-American composer who returned to composing contemporary classical music in 2009; at age 66. I began writing music at Robert Wesleyan College in Rochester NY. BA in music and English Lit. I put music aside to make a living and just restarted when I retired.
I'm working with Ivan Trevino, at the Hochstein School's Music Lab. Ivan plays with cello rock band Break of Reality.
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